Solaris is an outdoor gadget brand targets the 'family' user who expects a safer and a more eco-friendly experience of the outdoor gadget. The current outdoor gadgets are often packaged in a plastic shell which requires a scissor to open so it has safety concerns, as well as the drawback in sustainability. Resolving the problem can extend the customer groups of outdoor gadget from 'for hardcore customers' to 'for all people's daily use'. Therefore, the design solution establishes a 'tool free' structure of a more sustainable material -- avoids plastic and applies recycled paper cardboard. The key benefits of the design are 'safe and tool-free to open', 'less required storage space' and 'sustainable'.
Target Audience
The major audiences are family users, adolescents and elder outdoor activity amateur. They demand on outdoor gadgets are an area that can stand out from other competitive products which are targeted to hardcore enthusiast. Moreover, the design aims to establish the 'good to assist your daily life' impression by ensuring the safety and accessibility.
Areas of Use
• Travelling
• Night walking
• Hiking
• Camping
• Picnicking
• Children playing
• Emergency
• Saving Energy
The brand identity 'Solaris' denotes the solar-energy product series as the principal of the brand. The shining sun shape can lead a warm and vivid
impression to the audience
Example of the opening structure
Photographs of packaging structure
Dieline and dimension - outer packaging
Dieline and dimension - inner packaging
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