There is a significant lack of resources and opportunities to get people with disabilities involved in the workforce in Boroondara. Targeting the issue, our strategy offers a service for employers to recruit people with disabilities to increase social inclusion, educate and provide financial security, based on the city's official Health and Wellbeing plan.

The city of Boroondara is home to 23,974 of local businesses that provide employment for 61,942 of local residents. Boroondara residents with a disability are some of the city's largest minorities experiencing social exclusion and financial insecurity.

Strategy 3.4 of the Health and Wellbeing plan states that the Boroondara Council seeks to “support skills development and training to increase opportunities for workforce participation.” Therefore, the council has a unique opportunity to promote employment of the city's disabled residents within local businesses. In doing so, the council will help promote social inclusion,assist disabled residents to better integrate within their local community, educate and inform the community and support their financial independence.
This service consists of four key approaches that are aimed to provide potential employees and employers with a service the benefits and connects both parties.

Organization Software. A website and application made to tailor both employees and employers. A platform that connects all involved, allowing employers to post jobs and employees to apply for posted jobs.

Information Kit. Printed publications that educate and inform readers about the realities of hiring disabled people.

Public seminars. Seminars to educate and inform employers and employees about the workforce and what opportunities are available to them, as well as an opportunity
to the network.

Workshops and Demonstrations. Teaching new skills to help those who are interested in employing Disabled individuals or finding employment
in Boroondara.

The final design of our team includes the mobile application, website, publication and the marketing strategy.
Joshua Coates
Matthew Hagebols
Jeremy Nyman
Azzam Thowfeek
Walter Shou-Hui Wang

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